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Zsofi and Vikki at FakeAgent 10:03 Watch Video
Zsofi and Vikki at FakeAgent

When I first saw Zsofi I was a bit surprised because she was a little on the large side, but was still quite cute and worth a casting. She tole me she loved...


Anastasia - FakeAgent 10:54 Watch Video
Anastasia - FakeAgent

Positive: Big natural boobs, nice smile, blonde, happy personality, took it up the poop hole. Negatives: No english, problem pussy. Smiles too much. I liked...


Angela and Anne - FakeAgent 10:32 Watch Video
Angela and Anne - FakeAgent

From Romania with love. This two girl epic is to celebrate the start of February. With a massive length of 75mins it’s the longest casting made to date.


Christina - FakeAgent 10:20 Watch Video
Christina - FakeAgent

This girl moved from the countryside to the city to study “alternative medicine” in Prague University. She thought modelling would be a good way to make...


Denisa - FakeAgent 10:34 Watch Video
Denisa - FakeAgent

Denisa is an extremely hot piece of ass who I met in a party in Hungary. As soon as I saw her I knew she would be the perfect candidate for a casting...


Karen - FakeAgent 10:39 Watch Video
Karen - FakeAgent

When this perky breasted brunette strolled into my office I wandered if she was old enough to partake in this casting. She was so cute and innocent I almost...


Bibi - FakeAgent 09:47 Watch Video
Bibi - FakeAgent

Being a fake agent surely I should be punished by karma, but with this girl on this day I was rewarded. Bibi is a beautiful young woman with succulent...


Gina - FakeAgent 10:30 Watch Video
Gina - FakeAgent

Gina, in my opinion, is one of the prettiest women I have ever had on my casting couch. She has a beautiful smile and a very cute and sexy way about her. Her...


Petra -  FakeAgent 10:14 Watch Video
Petra - FakeAgent

This tubby little fat princess had massive natural tits which could easily be used as trampolines. She had curves in all the right places, although with...


Silvia - FakeAgent 10:43 Watch Video
Silvia - FakeAgent

Wow Silvia looked so young and attractive when when she came in I almost thought I was dreaming. Obviously my first question had to be ’how old are...


Andrea - FakeAgent 10:42 Watch Video
Andrea - FakeAgent

When I first saw Andrea I noticed how clourful and bright she was... she was wearing some sexy pearls and a tight summary dress... She looked like she could...


Shirly - FakeAgent 10:39 Watch Video
Shirly - FakeAgent

Shirly is a real fire cracker in every sense of the word. Her beautiful blonde hair was making my cock twitch with anticipation. The knowledge that she was...


Asian Amy - FakeAgent 11:10 Watch Video
Asian Amy - FakeAgent

Yes it’s a FakeAgent first. A Japanese girl on my couch. She’s so beautiful and well spoken I thought I was in paradise... She had a really thick...


Steffany - FakeAgent 11:21 Watch Video
Steffany - FakeAgent

My friends got me a special surprise one day... It was the best surprise ever they got me a real life French girl, I was so excited when she walked in the...


Michelle at FakeAgent 11:05 Watch Video
Michelle at FakeAgent

Michelle was staring at me with her icy cool eyes, which was making me wonder what kind of dirty thoughts she was thinking inside her mind. She worried me a...


Shalina at Fake Agent 11:56 Watch Video
Shalina at Fake Agent

Wow, this girl is fit, in every sense of the word. She was so tight and her body was in great shape. I could hardly believe my luck when she walked in. I had...


Liza at Fake agent 09:41 Watch Video
Liza at Fake agent

Liza is a pocket size Russian sex kitten. She’s so cute and innocent looking you wouldn’t think she was harbouring a massive personality which total...


Jasmin - FakeAgent 09:33 Watch Video
Jasmin - FakeAgent

Jasmin was ticking all the right boxes for me and in the process making my johnson harder than an oak tree .I wasted no time explaining to her why I was...


Diana anal casting - FakeAgent 10:31 Watch Video
Diana anal casting - FakeAgent

The delectable Diana has beautiful golden hair, with pale blue come to bed eyes that light up whenever she sees cock. She’s the type of girl who wanted a...


Japanese Monica at FakeAgent 09:48 Watch Video
Japanese Monica at FakeAgent

Monica is so sexy that my cock was literally bursting out of my pants through the entire interview. She’s a amazingly hot Japanese girl who has come to...


Naomi at FakeAgent 09:36 Watch Video
Naomi at FakeAgent

Naomi is a seriously sweet bit of ass with a great personality and smoking hot come to bed eyes. She flew in all the way from Italy just to do the casting...